Edgar's Mesoamerican Art Page

By Edgar Martín del Campo, Ph.D.

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Welcome, Nimechtlahpáloz, and Bienvenidos to my Mesoamerican Page! The more than 380 Prehispanic works here span from the northwestern regions of Mexico to southern Panama and over three thousand years of civilization in Mexico and Central America.

The Mesoamerica pages contain images with my own commentary. Because many of these terms are in native languages and may be new to you, you may click on any highlighted name to hear me pronunce it. If you are interested in including a few of these images on your own site, make sure that you have my written permission, as these are my graphics.

This site was based on a crazy idea I had around July, 1996. It premiered on the Web on October 7, 1996.

Last updated March 22, 2021 (Maya long-count with new header, footer, maps, and email setup.

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If you are interested in the ancient Maya, please visit "Edgar's Maya Art Page"!

How has Mesoamerican religion affected me personally? The Shaman's Cross is my memoir of Aztec and Otomí spirituality in Mexico.

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